Insects, animals. . .

We have been having a great time with life abound us 🙂

A beautiful caterpillar, armed to the hilt!

This beauty was spotted by Aju and promptly caputered in a bottle. He fed it with lots of love & leaves and after a few weeks it turned into a. . .

Atlas Moth

A huge moth called Atlas. The south american counterpart is the biggest in the world.

Last week our Cat, sweetly called as Mango, delivered her first litter. three tiny catties are mewing all the time.

The new arrivals

The new arrivals: photo taken by Arun

Naughty mango brought  a snake for a snack! Comet, our puppie teamed up with her and poor snake didn’t have a chance!



One response to “Insects, animals. . .

  1. Sadly, the kittens all disappeared a few months back……one night, they all got stolen(we think so). But Mango brought them back.
    Then we gave two to the neighbour. But again, naughty Mango brought it back. THEN, I went to Madras. By the time I came back, dad had given one kitten to a different lady, another to Selvam uncle, and one was kept, but it disappeared. We were all very sad……..

    But now, Mango looks like she’s pregnant! Will let you know if kittens arrive.

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