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Bird Bath!!

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Feeling the heat and the long wait for the monsoon, we decided to keep some water for the flying freinds. .Looks like they were desparately looking for this. .


Barred Jungle Owlet






Indian Chameleon (Chamaeleo zeylanicus Laurenti, 1768)

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Monkey Moth ( Eupterotidae)

This is a small family of moths of the old world. Wonderful creatures!



Pin-Tailed Bee Eater

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Forsten’s Cat Snake

I took the dogs out for their evening walk at about 8pm. When I entered the house, heard a hissing sound from behind the store room door. As I was wearing long trousers, and it does make a sound like that when walking ( you need to be in a place like ours to listen to subtle sounds like that !),I was not sure. Anyway opened the door and peeped in. Nothing .
A little later I entered the store room again to switch on the outdoor lights. I saw it then. A very long, slender snake. Very slow in movement. It was 8.30 pm and I was tired. Went and got our transparent “snake-pipe”. covered it with a towel to darken it. Put the pipe in and goaded the snake to enter. But that snake was going anywhere but the pipe. Mind you the store room was tight – 4feet by 4 feet!! there was so many drums kept on the floor. The snake would move from one to another to hide. I slowly removed one drum after another. No more hiding place – both for him and myself!!. I was sweating profusely. Talked to the snake. ” I dont want to kill you. Please move into the pipe.” It seemed to have understood and moved in!! After one hour of goading. . .
Quickly covered the open side of the tube with a cloth and took the towel off! Vow, what a beauty, it was! huge eyes for its small head. vertical slit on the pupils. Thought it was a viper from the head shape and the spring action. But also doubted because Vipers have short tails – this had a very long one. Took a number of pictures. Posted in forums where people help in identifying. Now I know! It is a Forsten’s Cat Snake. Boiga forsteni.
I released it after keeping in captivity for more than twelve hours. It was a bit dizzy; would not come out of the pipe! have to shake it off. . . good bye my friend. This time I was able to save you. . .

Forsten's cat snake

Forsten’s cat snake

Forsten's cat snake

Forsten’s cat snake


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