The Lonely Wolf

By Arjun.R ( ( 13 years old when he wrote this)

There was once a lone wolf
He had no pack to hunt with,
No meat to share with others.
He wandered in darkness
The moon only his companion
Searching, always searching,
For a pack to take him in.

Soon he decided to go to the mountains
A long hard trip though it may be.
He suffered greatly
For he had to pass many hardships and obstacles
Yet he never gave up.

He almost died, famished and weak
But still, he climbed the mountain
For there was salvation at the top
He was sure about it.

At long last, he reached a cave high up
And there he saw many others like him, but afraid,
For the cave was not a cave, but a tunnel to paradise.
And it was guarded by a terrible beast
A beast called Distrust, and Hate,
A beast that brought chaos.

The lone wolf urged his terrified companions to
Fight, and fight they did,
Though they didn’t know it yet, they were
Already working like a pack.
For they thought as one, and brought down the beast.

They then went through the tunnel
And the lone wolf was right; there was salvation.
But not in the land the wolves found themselves in;
In his new found pack.
For a wolf that hunts alone
Will wither and die.

2 responses to “The Lonely Wolf

  1. Couldn’t open the comment tab.

    Superbly written Arjun. Keep it up.

    Sudhanshu Uncle

    • Thanks Sudhanshu. Arjun wrote this last year when he shifted to a new boarding school. He missed his old school friends. . .I am awestruck with his expressions coming out so strongly and beautifully.. .

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