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Andhra Currency

I saw a cute little machine in our kasi chettiyar kadai ( our grocery shop in Karumandurai). The lady at the cash counter put my 500 rupee note into the machine and it came out in a flash. I thought ( you know how dumb I am!) it was a counting machine and she is trying to impress! Did not ask her about it and left the shop. Two days later, went there again and the man fed the 1000 rupee note into the machine and I asked ” what anna, counting a single note?” He said ” no sir, just checking whether it is Andra currency.” I was baffled and could not resist asking what he meant. He told me this interesting story.

Many young and old, abled men go from this area to Tirupathy to cut sandal wood illegally for the local gangsters there. If they get caught they are on their own. many guys are still in prison over there. If they make it to the collection point, then they get paid from 200 to 500rs per kilo. Each person makes about 20 to 25000 rs in ten days. When they come back with all that money, they realise 20% of that is of fake currency and people like kasi chettiyar are wary of them and installed these machines to find out the “Andhra currency”!


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Rishi Valley visit, Sep 2012

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Oil mafia!!

We buy our grocery provisions from organic product stores as much as possible. But last week, we bought groundnut oil from the local groceries shop in Karumandurai.I happily bought the packet as it clearly showed groundnuts ( peanuts) and “Cooking Oil”. Then my wife noticed the printed matter in the backside. They blatantly say ” We lie, you fools!”. This is absolute robbery! We, the educated ignorants, at least know now that this is crap but think of those thousands of rural folk ( please note it is all in English) who buy this across the state and country. Does anyone know how to get a ban on this. . .And please read these subtle prints on all packets whatever you buy. . .who knows they may even sell downright poison. . .

Front and back side of the packet

Trees in our land


Thank you guys!

The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2011 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

A San Francisco cable car holds 60 people. This blog was viewed about 1,200 times in 2011. If it were a cable car, it would take about 20 trips to carry that many people.

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Thekambattu Trekking Club

The elite club of Thekambatu Trekkers ( as of now the four elite members haven’t agreed on a name yet!) is quite actively pursuing some new routes.  These pictures are from last year.

Arjun on all fours!

Arjun on the prowl!

Black cliff and the stream

Badri, Varun, Arun and Arjun


Boys on the move!

Attempts at Haikku continued. . .

White on Green
Disoriented Bees wail
The morning dew.

Chasing the stars
With shivering thoughts
The winter is on.

The sky melted
The ground absorbed
Water in my open-well.


For the first time in our lives, we had a very quiet Diwali! Since there are no neighbors, no crackers at all! The nearest cracker was at about a km distance. The other main reason is that in our villages, Diwali is more of a “city” influence ; Pongal is the festival .

The NE monsoon is set. We have been getting good rains every day now. Our 40 feet well is just short by 6feet to get full. BTW, we tested the well-water at Thulir – the water is as good as the rainwater – no salt, no chlorides, no flourides, no iron and no bacteria!

Flowers of our garden

Passion fruit flower



Keerai ( Tamil)