Story not yet titled

Call me Raven. I am a Kanni breed dog. I live with my owners in India. My owners’ names are Winy(who is a female) and Cago (who is a male). They treat me with care. They feed me; they talk with me and they play with me. One day Cago took a strang metal rope thingy. Before that he put a collar around my neck! Then he tied the metal rope on the collar! He took the metal rope in his hand and walked out of the house. Suddenly the chain pulled me behind him! I struggled to escap but it was no use. Finally I stopped and came behind him. Then Cago stopped and gave me a treat. Oh! By the way did I tell you my collar color? Its green. I looked at Cagos face and whined for more treats. But he shook his head. (handwritten by Arjun and typed as it is by Rams.)


One response to “Story not yet titled

  1. sudhanshu mohanty

    Promising story. But is it to continue?

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