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From Arun

FISHING – by Arun

Years swim by my paper boat,
Scores of them at once,
Sun glancing off their armour
as they follow the stick oars
struggling to keep me on course.

There goes one, now:
I can see it, leaning over the gunwale,
oblivious as I am to the rocking of the deck
and the shuffling of my own frightened feet.

One inch closer, and I’ll have caught it.
Wow, just look at that specimen!
Some prefer photos. I prefer aquariums.

In fact I’m starting a new show this weekend
(All are invited to bring family, if any).
Let’s see if I can teach the old fish some new tricks.
I know what those critics’d say –
“Let them go, let them pass” –
But that’s no fun.

Many think seeing them right’s the hard part.
No, the trouble’s not there.
It’s in latching onto the wretched things.
With all that pathetic wriggling
you’d think they were worms.

And it’s not fair anyway:
They’re mine! My years! My fish!
I birthed them and I’ll death them.
I may not be a year myself
(I’m seventeen)
but I know they’re mine.

Enough talk. Let’s fish.
I throw out the nets and wait.
Two minutes, twenty days, one lifetime.
No problem, this is me here.
It’s only a matter of time before –

– Yes! Got one!
Look, it’s all tangled in the nets.
All I need to do is lean over

Too late. The paper dissolves.
I fall into the river.
I drown in my net,
but the dreams float away like plastic.
Funny to think I get eaten by a school of years.

Somewhere, a new fool sets out
on the same daft quest.
Some people never learn.

Sound of Truth

Know you the sound of a blazing fear
The heave of a sob, the splash of a tear?
Know you the snarl of a soul’s last breath?
A lifeless surrender to the embrace of death?

By Arun . R ( part of a poem, not complete yet)

Sports day in RV

Thursday, Friday and Saturday ( 5 to 7th Sep) constituted Sports Day in our school Rishi Valley. It was an action-packed three days of events. Not as magnificent as last year, but still quite exciting.

Day one was a half day. The march past was pretty good. Our class color was red, with the slogan “Rise above the competition” emblazoned in jet-black stripes across the back of our T-shirts. I was in the front-left rank in 10 B. We were led by Riggyal and Sanjana. 10 A was led by Govind and Sruti.After the march past, we watched a few drills(dances) by the juniors. They were pretty entertaining. Then the first day was over.

Day Two was also quite good. We had a few events, starting with runs by the preppies. Then came the awaited 100 m runs by the B boys and
girls(classes 9 and 10). Unfortunately, no records were broken(as far as I know). After this there were many other events. During this time, many juniors broke records. A girl named CSR Sharada slammed atleast 6-10 records. Chutty was in the 400 m run and the slow cycling for A boys(11th and 12th). I did the 1500 m open event and finished 3rd last. Finally came the 4 x 100 m class relay event, the most awaited event in senior school. I screamed so loud that I developed a hoarse throat. Our class came first, with Riggyal, Sanjana, Sruti and Ritwik. Thus passed Day Two.

Then came the last day. There were many events, which I’m not going to name. Our class sports champion, Riggyal, did not break any records as he had a sprained foot and could not play to his best. But he won all his events. In the 200 x 4 class relay, my class came second. In the tunnel-ball relay(house-wise), Duranta won, in spite of having the least athletic people. Again, I ruined my throat.
There was a fun relay for the people who were in no events. I was there in it. We also had the 5000 m open event. I did not participate as I was too tired of walking around all day. Then finally came the Tug of War between the class 12 students and the staff. As usual, we lost. Finally, we ended the Sports Day with the closing ceremony and the March Past.



(This was written by Arun for the poetry session in his school last year. It is selected for recital in the Gieve Patel’s poetry assembly this year in the school.)

I climbed the old rickety stairs
My heart pounding in fear
In case the wood should break.

Nobody has lived here for years,
not a soul has trodden on the carpet,
now stained with dirt,
or sat in the large armchairs
for decades.

It is probably from Mughal times
there are tapestries on the wall.
Elizabethan paintings as well.
What could it mean?

It is not through a thirst for adventure
or an archaeological interest
that I have come here.

I am a biology professor
and have come to see
the insects in this mansion.


As the clouds darken
the peacocks dance
the eagles cry,
the monkeys prance.

“Is it a truck of food ?”
“Is it a lion so crude ?”
“Then what is it ?”
Its the rain !
Yes, the rain again !

Raining like cats and dogs,
pigs and hogs…
splashing on the logs
And the sky is full of fog !

The God Zeus thunders
at a giant’s blunders
Drowning even rocks
also wetting his socks.

The sky crashes
the lighting flashes
As Zeus punishes the giant
– who is evil but silent..

Then the noise stops
the light ends,
The giant goes off,
to make amends.

Zeus goes home
leaving Earth alone.
The whole place is wet
But it is not set
For, after a while,
The Sun’ll make you smile !

Alex in Mesozoica – 5

As Alex floated in the water, he felt something floating under him. Probably a mosasaur, thought Alex,gulping. He looked down and screamed. It wasn’t a mosasaur. It was worse!!! It was a huge shark, a Megalodon!! It must have swam to the river from the ocean! It was as large as a young Great White Shark, which meant it was a JUVENILE (Megalodon juveniles are that size!). If an adult comes, then….?!!! thought Alex. He screamed again and started swimming towards the shore. The shark followed him effortlessly, as if mocking his attempts.

Halfway to safety, Alex’s legs got tired and he couldn’t swim anymore. Would he die???

Suddenly, a giant Pterosaur(a Quetzalcoatlus, to be exact) swooped down to catch a fish. Alex grabbed hold of its legs and hauled himself onto its back;just then the Megalodon lunged at his foot. Its lunge was accurate, but the pterosaur moved and it missed;though one of its teeth got stuck in his knee. Alex screamed in pain and pulled the tooth out. His knee was bleeding a lot. He reached into his backpack and pulled out a bandage. It seemed like everything he needed was in the backpack. This was because he had been playing a game about being stuck on a dinosaur island with lots of supplies. He had packed real items after asking his mom.

The pterosaur squacked and took off into the sky,gaining altitude. Alex felt as if he was a pterosaur himself, swooping around, doing whatever he wanted to. It felt good. his knee, now bandaged, was feeling better already. The cold air had helped.

Alex looked at the tooth. It was one of those kinds of teeth that are supposed to fall off very easily(and grow back quickly). Archosaurs(the group where reptiles, birds,phytosaurs, etc are classified)had them. NOT birds though(Haha!).

Alex pulled out a gigantic book called The Archosauria. It was a 20cm thick book and had full info on everything archosaurs. There were too many pages to list! It looked really heavy, but it wasn’t(luckily for Alex, who was a good sprinter. He wouldn’t have been able to run if it was heavy!). Alex looked for the pages titled "Quetzalcoatlus". He read,Quetzalcoatlus was a genus of the family Pterosauria. It was a great flier and fish-catcher. He read some more for a while, then he closed the book and put it back in the bag. He took a deep breath. Mesozoica as so magical. Anything could happen. Maybe, if Alex went back to his world and came back, Mesozoica might be in the same time it was now. Or maybe it would be in the beginning of the Earth! Alex was too tired to think any more. Just then, the pterosaur sensed him on its back and dropped him onto a tree. Then it swooped off. Alex fell asleep on the branches,dreaming about showing Mesozoica to Carter. He’d be so shocked, he’d hide behind a T-Rex skeleton. Then he’d talk to some French speaking raptors, and he’d see a T-Rex that run a circus, and…….and……Alex thought, his crazy imagination unleashed.There isn’t enough space to list all his thoughts!
Continued on part 6!

Alex in Mesozoica – 4

As Alex tried(rather unsuccessfully) to turn his back on the Tyrannosaur, he heard a sound. He listened carefully. There it was again! It sounded like…well….a roar..? But it was no “living” roar. It was the roar of a waterfall! Alex was just about to run in the direction of the waterfall, when he remembered the rex. It was looking straight at him! Alex again tried not to move. But the rex seemed to understand what he was doing. But how? Alex’s eyes darted toward the ground. He was about a centimetre from the place where the rex had saw him, lying on the ground! But could the rex compare centimetres?
The Tyrannosaurus roared in response. Alex stood up and ran. The rex was only an inch from him, when it suddenly roared in agony. Alex couldn’t help stopping to look around. The rex had gotten trapped in quicksand! It roared and struggled, but the more it struggled, the more it sank. Alex turned around. Should he help it? Or should he leave it to die? The rex roared once more. The sand was upto its neck now. Alex was just going to throw a vine or something at it(to help it), when he saw something that made his heart fail. There were seven Velociraptors, all growling and yipping. Alex instinctively ran closer to the rex. The latter was almost comepletely buried! Alex decided: if he saved the rex, it might chase away the raptors before eating him. When it was fighting the raptors, Alex would run away!
He ran to the rex and moved a powerful rock close to it. The rex grabbed the rock with its teeth. It was pulling itself out!
The raptors seemed to get fiercer. They all pounced at Alex, but the latter sidestepped them. They(the raptors)landed on the rex with all their claws out. The Tyrannosaur was completely free from the quicksand! It roared and bit a raptoro. It screamed before falling motionless. As the other raptors attacked the rex, who had, apparentely, killed their team-mate, Alex ran toward a small lake near the waterfall. He dived.
Just as his bdy fell into the water, he remembered something he had seen in a documentary(called Sea Monsters).
“Whatever you do, never get into the water………..”!
And Alex saw cold, dark eyes staring at him.

Alex wasn’t sure what kind of sea creature the thing was, but he was more concerned with swimming he splashed around in the water, the creature chomped down on his foot. Alex dodged the long jaws just in time, but not before its teeth grazed his foot. Shrieking in pain, Alex reached the shore and ran up the beach. The sea-creature stuck its head out of the water. Alex identified it as a mosasaur, a giant sea reptile that looked a lot like a water lizard. The mosasaur was now going back to the deep waters. It seemed to be hunting something, and Alex saw its victim:an Archelon. Archelon was a giant sea turtle related to leatherback turtles. It was as big as a playground, and quite heavy. Then he saw something in the water again. The mosasaur! It roared and began to swim toward Alex. Luckily, it was after the Archelon. Alex had no choice. If he didn’t swim away, the mosasaur would eat him up. And Alex plunged into the sea.

Next part coming soon!

From our artists’ desk

Village of Shadow

Village of Shadow

Lord of the dinosaurs-game map - by Arjun

Lord of the dinosaurs-game map - by Arjun

Sparkle gem by Arjun

Sparkle gem by Arjun



Alex in Mesozoica-3

Notice: When Alex had been watching a dinosaur documentary on TV, there was a bit of magic in the TV, and he had fallen into it. But from what Alex recollected in his mind, he had been switching channels now and then, from the dinosaur documentary, to Jurassic Park. He was probably in a mixture of both!!

“Whew!!” Alex said in relief. He was up in the tree again. Just a few minutes ago, he had scared away a pack of raptors (Deinonychus, to be exact). One thing, however, surprised him: how had the raptors been so easily tricked? The ‘stand-still-technique’ that he had used was supposed to work on a Tyrannosaurus only!!

Alex shook his head and climbed down the tree. Just then, he felt something tickling him. He looked down and saw a small Compsognathus nibbling his sneakers. “Shoo!” he was about to yell. Then he felt something. What could it be? The ground shook tremendously. Alex trembled. And then, out of the trees, a huge “Roar!!” was heard. Alex started to run as fast as he could, but he tripped on a tree root and fell, headfirst, in the mud. The ground shook even more, and out of the trees emerged a huge male Tyrannosaurus Rex!! It growled at the sight of Alex. “Roar!” it roared, showing all of its big teeth.

Alex lay on the ground, trying not to move or make a noise. The rex stared at him for what seemed like a decade. Then, finally, it turned and walked away, pushing aside a huge gingko tree in its way. Alex sighed in relief. This was the worst he had experienced, but, probably, not the worst to come. Suddenly, the ground began to shake. Alex trembled. Why did the rex have to come back? Alex thought.

It was the rex, but not the rex only. There was also a huge herd of Gallimimus, ostrich- like dinosaurs. They were practically freaking out! The rex grabbed a Gallimimus and it squealed with pain. Alex climbed up the highest tree he could find and shut his eyes as it chomped down. The rex really was a tyrant!

(continued in Part-4)

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix – The Fiasco at the Ministry

( in the rhyme of Yankee doodle)

Harry potter went to London
Riding on a Thestral,
He fell into the Ministry
And almost broke half of his knee.
They went looking for Sirius Black
Then they fell in a big grey sack.
(They had gone after looking at a very very mysterious track!)

And then they suddenly appeared
The ones who were fully feared
They raised their wands
and clenched their hands
The evil, most feared DEATH EATERS!!

Then one opened his hood
his face was like white food
his eyes were not like a bad-guy-toy
for, he was Lucius Malfoy!

He said “give me the Prophecy”
Harry thought he fell off a tree
And HP said “Oh dear me me,
Whatever is a Prophecy?!”

Suddenly the Phoenix guys
came glowing like fireflies
All of the Death Eaters yelled
(though none dropped the wands they held.)

And there was Lord Voldemort
(Harry thought he was made of snot)
The Dumbledore’s Army stood there frightened
The Death Eaters’ fear slightened
they bowed and said “Hello Master”
Harry’s heart beat faster
A Death Eater killed Sirius
Harry was very furious
He gave a cough
The Death Eater gave a laugh
Then Voldemort cried “AVADA KEDAVRA !!”
Instead of dying
Harry was flying
for a statue had protected him
and it was now shattering.
“W H Y ??!!” —– (imagine HP music here)

Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore
was standing at the Golden Gates
Chasing away the evil fates
He and Mr.Voldemort
Exchanged many a powerful shot
Nobody was ruling
The two were equally dueling
Finally Minister Fudge and all of his Ministry
arrived and at last Voldemort
had to very quickly flee !