Porgai’s Rainbow.

This is a translation of my tamil poem written for Porgai team.

North of the village,
South by the stream,
Lie treasures aplenty,
Cherished we keep.

Betrayed by the stains,
Tasters of the delicious
Jamun fruit ; Come,
Wear our violets.

Dark shades of Karia Rama
Dazzles the eye.
Come gather the colours
Of our Paradi Pazham.

Once a decade,
Blooms this blue.
A visual treat, this
Fruit of the Allum

Cheerleader of our forest,
Kalakka by name.
Small,medium and large forms
Behold the medium’s green!

Glittering like gold,
Bright fruits we have.
Relish the colours of
Veera pazham and Kaara pazham.

Shy to the touch,
Fruit of the Alinji.
We bring to you
As the orange fabric.

Thorny hide without,
Melting sweetness within.
Fruit of the cactus
Reddens these garbs.

We’ve gathered and brought,
These god-given gifts.
Let us now celebrate
This rainbow on the ground.


2 responses to “Porgai’s Rainbow.

  1. Quite beautiful really, in spite of not guessing the fruits.

    Your site reads ‘enrum iniyavai? & translates as ‘our farm’?

    • “Enrum iniyavai” means “Ever pleasant”. The fruits are found in the forests of these tribal hills – some of them I haven’t seen them too!

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