Andhra Currency

I saw a cute little machine in our kasi chettiyar kadai ( our grocery shop in Karumandurai). The lady at the cash counter put my 500 rupee note into the machine and it came out in a flash. I thought ( you know how dumb I am!) it was a counting machine and she is trying to impress! Did not ask her about it and left the shop. Two days later, went there again and the man fed the 1000 rupee note into the machine and I asked ” what anna, counting a single note?” He said ” no sir, just checking whether it is Andra currency.” I was baffled and could not resist asking what he meant. He told me this interesting story.

Many young and old, abled men go from this area to Tirupathy to cut sandal wood illegally for the local gangsters there. If they get caught they are on their own. many guys are still in prison over there. If they make it to the collection point, then they get paid from 200 to 500rs per kilo. Each person makes about 20 to 25000 rs in ten days. When they come back with all that money, they realise 20% of that is of fake currency and people like kasi chettiyar are wary of them and installed these machines to find out the “Andhra currency”!


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