Sports day in RV

Thursday, Friday and Saturday ( 5 to 7th Sep) constituted Sports Day in our school Rishi Valley. It was an action-packed three days of events. Not as magnificent as last year, but still quite exciting.

Day one was a half day. The march past was pretty good. Our class color was red, with the slogan “Rise above the competition” emblazoned in jet-black stripes across the back of our T-shirts. I was in the front-left rank in 10 B. We were led by Riggyal and Sanjana. 10 A was led by Govind and Sruti.After the march past, we watched a few drills(dances) by the juniors. They were pretty entertaining. Then the first day was over.

Day Two was also quite good. We had a few events, starting with runs by the preppies. Then came the awaited 100 m runs by the B boys and
girls(classes 9 and 10). Unfortunately, no records were broken(as far as I know). After this there were many other events. During this time, many juniors broke records. A girl named CSR Sharada slammed atleast 6-10 records. Chutty was in the 400 m run and the slow cycling for A boys(11th and 12th). I did the 1500 m open event and finished 3rd last. Finally came the 4 x 100 m class relay event, the most awaited event in senior school. I screamed so loud that I developed a hoarse throat. Our class came first, with Riggyal, Sanjana, Sruti and Ritwik. Thus passed Day Two.

Then came the last day. There were many events, which I’m not going to name. Our class sports champion, Riggyal, did not break any records as he had a sprained foot and could not play to his best. But he won all his events. In the 200 x 4 class relay, my class came second. In the tunnel-ball relay(house-wise), Duranta won, in spite of having the least athletic people. Again, I ruined my throat.
There was a fun relay for the people who were in no events. I was there in it. We also had the 5000 m open event. I did not participate as I was too tired of walking around all day. Then finally came the Tug of War between the class 12 students and the staff. As usual, we lost. Finally, we ended the Sports Day with the closing ceremony and the March Past.



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