Butterflies all around

With good decent showers during the last two weeks, the temperature has come down. Everything on the hills is gleaming green. Mangos of some kind are ready to pluck and eat. Farming looks hopeful this year. We hoped to get good rains and had already ploughed the land and kept ready. On the first rain, we have planted சாமை (Samai- little millet),வரகு (Varagu – kodo millet ) and ஆரியம் (Ariyam – finger millet). We hope that we get a decent enough harvest for own consumption.
With the nice weather around, a lot of butterflies all around. this is a very cute one which I managed to capture!!

Our mango harvest is not as great as last year. But this year we got fruits from some trees which did not yield anything last year. Some people, friends and relatives, keep asking us to parcel mangos to them. We feel that the value for these organic products gets lost if people dont get the story behind them. And the only way to get the story is to be in it 🙂 So, visit us, harvest with us and enjoy the fruits of the labour!!


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