Clean Cooking with Wood-stoves

We have been trying a few designs of wood stoves for heating water. We bought one, we built a couple of stoves. While they were all better than the three-stone stoves, they had some limitations:

The bought stove is called “Chulika“. This company is headed by my friend T.Pradeep. It is a nice stove but not suitable for long cooking hours. The ash needs to be cleaned every half an hour or so. . .

Then we built a couple of stoves on “rocket stove” principle. These were better but we did not build them to last! We built them outdoors and when it rains, the stove gets dissolved!! And we could not get the dimensions and profiles correct building with bricks and mud. . Rocket stove has a simple, high temperature combustion chamber with an insulated chimney. This ensures that wood is completely burnt – before the flames reach the cooking surface – avoiding smoke and enabling better heat transfer. . .

Then we stumbled upon this design!

Husta Stove - page 1

Husta Stove – page 1

Husta stove page 2

Husta stove page 2

We decided to build this in our new out-door kitchen. Here are the pictures showing step by step. We used flooring tiles for the combustion chamber and our bricks for outer walls. Filled the gaps with Ash for insulation. The stove works beautifully!

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