(This was written by Arun for the poetry session in his school last year. It is selected for recital in the Gieve Patel’s poetry assembly this year in the school.)

I climbed the old rickety stairs
My heart pounding in fear
In case the wood should break.

Nobody has lived here for years,
not a soul has trodden on the carpet,
now stained with dirt,
or sat in the large armchairs
for decades.

It is probably from Mughal times
there are tapestries on the wall.
Elizabethan paintings as well.
What could it mean?

It is not through a thirst for adventure
or an archaeological interest
that I have come here.

I am a biology professor
and have come to see
the insects in this mansion.



  1. sunder and sonati

    Great poem. Good to hear that Gieve Patel is continuing his workshops.

  2. Superb Arun. Keep it up. Creativity can work in harmony with ‘biology’.

  3. Nice one Arun..Adi also liked it..

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