Oil mafia!!

We buy our grocery provisions from organic product stores as much as possible. But last week, we bought groundnut oil from the local groceries shop in Karumandurai.I happily bought the packet as it clearly showed groundnuts ( peanuts) and “Cooking Oil”. Then my wife noticed the printed matter in the backside. They blatantly say ” We lie, you fools!”. This is absolute robbery! We, the educated ignorants, at least know now that this is crap but think of those thousands of rural folk ( please note it is all in English) who buy this across the state and country. Does anyone know how to get a ban on this. . .And please read these subtle prints on all packets whatever you buy. . .who knows they may even sell downright poison. . .

Front and back side of the packet


One response to “Oil mafia!!

  1. the contents are not 1kg, but rather (non-standard) 900gms.

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