Whats out there?

It was midnight. Room number 1 of the guest house. The room looked like it had not been in use for a while. Lights not working properly, plug points not functioning, Old cot with even older mosquito net. Since I had travelled a long way, and having had a very heavy dinner, I had quickly slipped into deep slumber. I got woken up suddenly with some weird scratching sound just outside my door. Maybe I was dreaming. I waited and listened carefully. This was no dream. The scratching became more intensive. Some thing fell down. My mind started making up all sorts of things that could have caused this racket. . . finally am I coming face to face with a ghost? Or is it the naxalites creating this noise to get me to open the door so that they could abduct me? Or . . . I could not stand the suspense. Slowly I turned on my bed. It was an old bed and didn’t like to be rolled over! It added to the noise by making its own screetch! The scratching noise abruptly stopped as I got up with my torchlight. Saw something black jumping off the door and disappearing in a flash! A rat! Since it was a very small room, I searched for it every where and could not find it. Went back to sleep. After five minutes the tiny movement of the rat’s feet was heard and there it went again at the door! I jumped up and went straight to the light switch. Rat jumped off and disappeared again. . I was perplexed by this thing vanishing into this air. I carefully looked up all over. Where all a rat could hide? Narrowed down to the …..table! The table had a drawer and I had ( none would have) never opened it before. I did exactly that now and voila! Found the rat inside! Rat, being found out, ran off to a another hiding place. I removed the drawer – depriving its hiding place and kept it on the floor. I opened up the door and coaxed the rat to get out. As soon as it did, locked the door back and went back to my sleep.


One response to “Whats out there?

  1. Hey Ram! What a suspense filled experience you had. After sending the rat you could sleep, If I had been there, I cannot sleep.

    you did not mention the place and the building. We will be careful if by chance we had to go there.

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