Cricket mania

We were listening to radio news. India lost to Australia in the recent cricket match. Arjun heard only the “India lost” part asked me whether there was a war and India lost it. I said ” no, they lost a cricket match”

Arjun: Whom were they playing with?

Me :With Australia

Arjun: Where were they playing?

Me: In Australia.

Arjun: Do you mean to say all of them went to Australia just to play cricket?

I couldn’ t answer that!!


4 responses to “Cricket mania

  1. enjoyed reading that…super!!

  2. Rams,
    you should have told that 11 fools went just to play cricket and 11 crore fools just watched the match.

  3. Very innocent though valid question !

  4. Really good …that is nujra.

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