This month’s photos

Our slimy comrade.

We heard a great commotion of Myna’s yesterday morning in our upper field. We went to up to see what was it all about. About 6 or 7 mynas were pecking and chasing something on the ground. Then we saw him! The much feared Kattu viriyan! To be specific, it is kannadi viriyan or for the non-tamils Russel’s Viper. Our people working with us wanted to kill it but we stopped them and gave the snake a safe passage!

Cow with a frown!

She did not want to be photographed. She gave that look and went off to her eating spree.

Arjun likes to climb

Our Neigbhors - Pappyi amma and her grand children


One response to “This month’s photos

  1. chitradhanasekarapandian

    but you posted these photos under the title … animals of thekkampattu ?

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