Mesmirised by Inglish

I was in Orissa a few days back. I had gone for the installation of one micro hydro system and a solar pv power plant. Cheenu, the local fabricator in Semiliguda is now the fabricator for both the systems.

One day we had planned to visit the micro hydro site at 8 am. Stanley, Sridhar, Eli and myself were ready and went to pick up Cheenu. He was not at home. We waited for about 10 minutes. Then he came and we started. I started a conversation:

Me: good morning Cheenu! Why are you late? you made all of us wait. . .
Cheenu: Sorry sir. I went for marketing.
Me: marketing? oh good. How much did you make?
Cheenu: No sir. went marketing. no income.
Me: well, what did you sell that did not give you income?
Cheenu: No selling sir. simply marketing. I went marketing, sir.
Me: ( confused). Went marketing but no sales? what did you market Cheenu?
Cheenu: Vegetables sir. I went marketing vegetables for family sir.
Me: that is pretty good Cheenu. what all do you grow? How much is the yield?
Cheenu: No sir. I dont grow any vegetable. That is why I went marketing.
Me: Ok cheenu. It is very mysterious for me. Please tell me what you did in your marketing.
Cheenu: I got vegetables from market for a week sir.
Me: You bought vegetables?
Cheenu: Yes sir. That is what. I went for marketing. . .

I finally understood that the act of going to market is “marketing”. Ok folks, I got to do some marketing myself! Bye!


2 responses to “Mesmirised by Inglish

  1. nice interaction rams. do u deal with solar power?

  2. It’s a common mistake that many educated people also make.

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