The Adventures of Raven

Then he took me home. There he gave me another treat. Then I heard Winy calling me. I rushed to winy and saw my feeding bowl next to her feet! I looked inside my feeding bowl and saw milk!!! i licked my bowl clean. Then I went to my bed and was fast asleep in more than a minute. My dream was rather funny! I was a super dog. I was saving the world from evil dinosaurs when I got up and heard Cago calling me. And saw him with a ball in his hands. He threw it and said “Fetch!” I ran after the ball and finally got it. Then I heard Cago calling me. When I went to him, he took it from me and gave me a treat saying “good boy!”. I wagged my tail and licked his face. He patted my head and ran home.

I ran after him doing the same thing he did. When we reached home, Winy gave me some water. I drank all the water leaving only drops behind. Then the next day Cago told me to sit but I simply stared at his face. Then he made me to sit. He then gave me a treat to eat. Then he taught me “Down”, “Shake” and “No”. He kept trying these commands on me till I got very very tired. Then he gave me water. As soon as he poured the water into my bowl, I licked it clean not leaving drops behind. Again he gave me water and I licked my bowl clean. Then I went to sleep. This time my dream was strange. I was a stray dog!!! when I woke it had turned out that I had been whining. Cago was patting me saying “its alright boy”. Then he said “come” and ran. I chased him so much that I completely forgot about my bad dream. Then he gave me some water to drink. And I drank it down. Then Winy came and held my collar. Cago showed me a treat and threw it!!! Then Winy let me go. I ran behind the treat , my nose to the floor. Finally I got it. But instead of eating it I took it to Cago but he said ‘eat it’ so I ate it. I liked treats. I think they are good for your teeth.

Then Winy got some ropes. She stitched them beautifully making chew toys. That night when everybody was fast asleep I heard a “hoot, hoot!” sound! I got up and immediately started barking. Cago and Winy came running. “What is it?” asked Cago. I looked at the window. There was an owl! Clever boy said Cago. The owl flew away in all this confusion. Cago and Winy laughed and went back to bed. Then I began to bite my chew toys becuase my teeth felt like biting something. The next morning I got up. Then Winy called me. I went to her. In my bowl there was food! I ate it immediately. I saw Cago coming home with a sack. Winy tied that chain on my collar again:-( Then she closed all the windows and doors. Cago opened the sack and meow!meow! A cat jumped out!! It leapt window to window searching for a escape. I started my barking again. But Cago said No. So I stopped. When the cat saw me, it ran and hid under the bed. I also tried to go under the bed but I couldn’t because of my chain. The cat kept meowing probably for its mommy. I heard Cago talking to Winy. He was saying “ I got it from Jack. His cat got some kittens recently and Silks is one of them”. Great, I thought!

( all the punctuations are by Arjun)


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