Lost head but . . .

Some weeks back I was riding my motorbike down the road to Thumbal around 9.30am. I heard a noise that sounded like a bullet swish past me. After about an hour I reached my workplace in Sittilingi; removed my helmet and started my work. At about 4pm I started back home and took out my helmet. There on the glass, I saw some insect. On closer inspection, it turned out to be a dragonfly; but without its head. It was the one that banged on me that morning. Amazingly it was still alive! even after six hours after it lost its head!

Lost my head :(

Where is my head??


One response to “Lost head but . . .

  1. sudhanshu mohanty

    A tragic but well put anecdote. Stirs the nature lover in me!

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