For the first time in our lives, we had a very quiet Diwali! Since there are no neighbors, no crackers at all! The nearest cracker was at about a km distance. The other main reason is that in our villages, Diwali is more of a “city” influence ; Pongal is the festival .

The NE monsoon is set. We have been getting good rains every day now. Our 40 feet well is just short by 6feet to get full. BTW, we tested the well-water at Thulir – the water is as good as the rainwater – no salt, no chlorides, no flourides, no iron and no bacteria!


One response to “Diwali

  1. Imagine in spite of heavy rains had to dig up a bore-well for water supply! Due to unauthorised drawing of municipality water the situation in most cities is precarious. Unity in Diversity!!!

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