Sky High

Since last year when we attended a star watching activity near Bangalore, our interest in the skies is growing. Amidst all the rains and cloudy days last month, we did get to see some fantastic sky. Being a gizmo freak, I grabbed my camera and took some pictures.

We were zapped when we realised that we could see the moons of the Jupiter with our 7X35 binocs. I then managed to take a picture too. The constellations of Scorpius, Corona Austrina and Sagittarus dominate the southern these months. No complaints here because most of the “open clusters” that are visible to naked eye seem to be around these constellations. On the north, we see the Draco and the Ursa Minor. Once when I got up midnight to see the meteorite shower(mid August), I saw the constellations of Pisces , Pegasus, Triangulum, Cassiopeia, etc.

And later in the month, the planets Mars, Venus and Saturn were very clearly visible in the western sky just after the dusk. Here are some pictures from an amateur photographer!

Sagittarius and Scorpius constellations along with M7 cluster

Jupiter and its moons Io, Callisto, Europa and Ganymede


2 responses to “Sky High

  1. The Jupiter and its moons were fantastic. I too love constellation watching but frankly Scorpio is the only one I can be always certain of.

    Thanks a lot for this starry treat.

  2. sunder and sonati

    Great that you got Jupiter and its moons: We too will look out on a clear night. Superb.

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