Our learnings continue. . .

The whole of last week, we had a lot of rain and very little sun. Our solar power was just able to give us light but not anything more. Our pump could not be operated – for two reasons. 1. No power; 2 muddy water in the well. I had some pieces of pipe. I cut them and made a mini rainwater harvesting system. Managed to collect a few buckets of water which we used for washing and cooking. We couldn’t bring ourselves yet to drink it though the water was crystal clear. This has prompted us to decide on a proper rainwater harvesting unit. When it rains, we will have pure water for all our needs! And when the sun shines, we will use our well water. . .

Back in the days of our city life, we never stopped to think about the water source. Open the tap and there it was. Where it came from, how it gets cleaned, where the disposed water goes, we didn’t bother to find. Here, every drop counts. . . on both sides: consumption as well as waste. If our drain, which is a simple soak pit does’t drain properly, we have a smelly house.

Living was never so intensive until now. We are alive to the sorroundings – sometimes depressing, sometimes illuminating. If we balance it out, it is pure living which is rewarding itself.


2 responses to “Our learnings continue. . .

  1. Sudhanshu Mohanty

    Keep it up! Necessity is the mother of invention.

    Could you pl. give some simple instructions on rain water harvesting in a city full of concrete

  2. sunder and sonati

    Well written. Well done.

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