As the clouds darken
the peacocks dance
the eagles cry,
the monkeys prance.

“Is it a truck of food ?”
“Is it a lion so crude ?”
“Then what is it ?”
Its the rain !
Yes, the rain again !

Raining like cats and dogs,
pigs and hogs…
splashing on the logs
And the sky is full of fog !

The God Zeus thunders
at a giant’s blunders
Drowning even rocks
also wetting his socks.

The sky crashes
the lighting flashes
As Zeus punishes the giant
– who is evil but silent..

Then the noise stops
the light ends,
The giant goes off,
to make amends.

Zeus goes home
leaving Earth alone.
The whole place is wet
But it is not set
For, after a while,
The Sun’ll make you smile !


3 responses to “Rain

  1. Sudhanshu Mohanty

    Good! Keep it up.

  2. great poem…..fabulously rhyming as well

    you have talent arun…go for it…..

  3. Poem is very good, starting with suspense and ending with a happy note. Keep it up Arun.

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