Iruthalai manian

We have hired a helper for our farm. His name is Sadaiyan. He comes from a village called Kumbapadi. That village is about 3 km from our house if you climb onto the hill and walk across. If one takes the road it is about 4km. Sadaiyan keeps bringing various stuff which he finds on the way. One day he brought a very ” valuable” item which sells for one lakh rupees. It is .  .  . .the famous double headed, baby snake .

Iru Thalai Manian pambu

Many people believe that this creature has two heads and can move in either direction very fast. This is one of the finest tricks the creature plays on its predators. It is a sand  boa. unlike other snakes, it does not have a proper tail but a blunt tail which looks like head. When threatened, an Indian Sand Boa will hide its head and hold its tail up in the air and wave it back and forth. The moving banded tail is more likely to be attacked than the concealed head.

Our man wanted to keep it and once it is grown sell it. the market price is Rs.100,000 as per his info. We took out our snake book and showed him about this “ulavan pambu” or “iru thalai manian” and explained the tail de-tail! Still unconvinced, he brought  a bowl of water and put the snake inside, saying that both heads will prop up! It didn’t and then he agreed! We left the boa in our farm to breed and live happily ever after!


11 responses to “Iruthalai manian

  1. Sudhanshu Mohanty

    I too didn’t know this about the 2nd head. Thanx, very informative.

  2. dear sir,
    pls adv mannuli snake details

    • This is a common non-venomous sand boa. It is notcurnal. Usually in dry places and sandy soil. Blunt tail resembles head – giving rise to misbelief that it has two heads.

  3. manuli paambu kutti enga water thotila vilunthu eruchi eduka mudila antha watera than kudika use panrom athanala ethavathu proplam varumanu payama eruku ena panrathunu theriyala nega soluga antha watera kudicha thala ethavathu sait effect varuma plz plz ans panuga

    • வணக்கம். முதல்ல, இதை சொல்லுங்க. பாம்பு விழுந்து செத்துப் போச்சா இல்ல திரும்பி வெளிய போயிடுச்சா?

  4. antha mannuli paambu water thotila vilunthu erathuruchi but periya thotinala eduka mudila antha watera than elathukum use panrom kudika kulika elame antha watera use panrathala kudikarathala ethavathu proplam varuma plz plz ans panuga

    • You can not and should not use that water for drinking. You should try to empty the tank and clean it up. There is no other way. The dead body of the snake will disintegrate and ferment in the water and make it really a hazard for people consuming it. . .

  5. Hi sir my name vijay i m therunalveli enga vayala 2ru talai maniyan naraya iruku inga kolanthainga naraiya per irukanga veliya vara payapaturanga itha pudika eathavathu vali iruntha solunga plzz

    • Dear Vijay,
      These are harmless snakes. Non poisonous. Usually they are inside the soil. they dont attack human beings.

    • Ithuku neraya value irukunu solitu yellarum vangitu porangalamay appadi yannathan iruku ithula yathuku itha use pannuranga.. Ila athu yellamay rumours ah..

      • it is a myth. they think it has two heads. that is why they buy. But truth is different. These are harmless snakes, helping the farmers by digging the soil.

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