Alex in Mesozoica – 5

As Alex floated in the water, he felt something floating under him. Probably a mosasaur, thought Alex,gulping. He looked down and screamed. It wasn’t a mosasaur. It was worse!!! It was a huge shark, a Megalodon!! It must have swam to the river from the ocean! It was as large as a young Great White Shark, which meant it was a JUVENILE (Megalodon juveniles are that size!). If an adult comes, then….?!!! thought Alex. He screamed again and started swimming towards the shore. The shark followed him effortlessly, as if mocking his attempts.

Halfway to safety, Alex’s legs got tired and he couldn’t swim anymore. Would he die???

Suddenly, a giant Pterosaur(a Quetzalcoatlus, to be exact) swooped down to catch a fish. Alex grabbed hold of its legs and hauled himself onto its back;just then the Megalodon lunged at his foot. Its lunge was accurate, but the pterosaur moved and it missed;though one of its teeth got stuck in his knee. Alex screamed in pain and pulled the tooth out. His knee was bleeding a lot. He reached into his backpack and pulled out a bandage. It seemed like everything he needed was in the backpack. This was because he had been playing a game about being stuck on a dinosaur island with lots of supplies. He had packed real items after asking his mom.

The pterosaur squacked and took off into the sky,gaining altitude. Alex felt as if he was a pterosaur himself, swooping around, doing whatever he wanted to. It felt good. his knee, now bandaged, was feeling better already. The cold air had helped.

Alex looked at the tooth. It was one of those kinds of teeth that are supposed to fall off very easily(and grow back quickly). Archosaurs(the group where reptiles, birds,phytosaurs, etc are classified)had them. NOT birds though(Haha!).

Alex pulled out a gigantic book called The Archosauria. It was a 20cm thick book and had full info on everything archosaurs. There were too many pages to list! It looked really heavy, but it wasn’t(luckily for Alex, who was a good sprinter. He wouldn’t have been able to run if it was heavy!). Alex looked for the pages titled "Quetzalcoatlus". He read,Quetzalcoatlus was a genus of the family Pterosauria. It was a great flier and fish-catcher. He read some more for a while, then he closed the book and put it back in the bag. He took a deep breath. Mesozoica as so magical. Anything could happen. Maybe, if Alex went back to his world and came back, Mesozoica might be in the same time it was now. Or maybe it would be in the beginning of the Earth! Alex was too tired to think any more. Just then, the pterosaur sensed him on its back and dropped him onto a tree. Then it swooped off. Alex fell asleep on the branches,dreaming about showing Mesozoica to Carter. He’d be so shocked, he’d hide behind a T-Rex skeleton. Then he’d talk to some French speaking raptors, and he’d see a T-Rex that run a circus, and…….and……Alex thought, his crazy imagination unleashed.There isn’t enough space to list all his thoughts!
Continued on part 6!


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