Town bus no.500

We took this bus number 500 from K.R.Puram. All this 500 series are buses that ply on the outer ring road of Bangalore. The bus was free of crowd when we entered. There were seats in the front. Rama and kids sat on oneside. Myself sat next to another male. But I had this doubt that the front section was for ladies only. Asked the guy next to me but he didn’t bother. After the next stop, ladies got in and the conductor and driver yelled at us to give the seats. Fair enough. I got up and went to the rear side. Managed to get a seat a little later.
The conductor came to the back and informed us that recently he had been fined by the inspectors for allowing males to sit in the front section. All the males were unanimous in saying that will it be the same case if there was a female sitting in the men’s seats.
While this was happening at the rear, my wife and kids had to fight a monster! This huge lady, initially requested to give a small space – dodging Arjun our kutty fellow. Later she dislodged him completely and shouting at Arun also because they were males! The driver and all the other females were helpless witnesses to this. This lady even threatened the driver that she would complain against him for allowing male children to sit with their mother!
God bless our country and those blind feminists!


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