Getting close. . .

After a very long time, I took a long journey on my motorbike.  For the die-hard bikers this may sound too small a feat but for me it was great! I drove about 220 km from Bangalore to Sittlingi last week.  I did it in about 4.5 hours with two stops for tea enroute.

Both the buildings – one at Sittlingi – the training workshop and our house in Thekambattu are nearing completion. Roof is up.

Training workshop with the roofing sheets in place

This nice building was designed by Krishna. And during the construction, our friend Ravi was fully involved in organising the work and getting it built.

The machines are yet to be ordered. We will have a lathe, a pillar mount drilling machine, a bench grinder, a welding machine, etc on the mechanical side and a few tools for the electronics.

Our little abode in the village

And our house in Thekambattu has also a roof now. Still a lot of work is pending. Need to do the plastering, wiring, plumbing, etc etc. All this is supposed to be completed in two weeks time! Hope, that wonderful word, keeps us going!

Those of you with a keen eye on details may see this is a rather small house.  yes, it is true. We wanted build something fast so that we can move in and then build that dream house later. The realisation of the dream requires our physical presence there when it is being built. You can’t do this through remote control as we did for this house!


One response to “Getting close. . .

  1. sudhanshu mohanty

    Your dreams need no bricks or stones
    For they soar in some other orbit;
    A house is needed for mortals’comfort
    And soaring dreams have souls for home
    And the blue sky above and the green earth below

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