From my travel notes

I took the train on 8th morning – the weekly train from Yesvantpur to Hatia. A weekly once train, without a pantry car. Rama had packed some nice food for all whole day.

I got a side lower berth. It was the best one could get. ( It would be bit short in a normal sleeping coach but in 3AC it was perfect for my length!) Lying down and watching the world go by is a great feeling. Nothing remains for more than a few seconds; everything is transient. You get a glimpse of all those saints and philosophers’ idea in this very simple, spend-no-effort-of-your-own way!

I was quite surprised to see a good number of agricultural fields right in the middle of Bangalore – behind the Hebbal station. A village in the middle of the mad city!

Reaching or leaving a city by train tells you a lot about that city.  The absence of civic sense is clearly visible on both sides of the track. Plastic bags, plates, broken things all along the track. . .I wonder whether these plastic bags are from the neighboring colonies or from the train itself. The latter seems to be the case when you move out of the cities. The trail of plastics follows all along the route. Miles and miles after the settlements.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

I started to read a book by J.Krishnamurthi. Commentaries on Living. I was also listening to songs of Kabir on my MP3.  At many a point, the music matched the text. I was drawn very deeply in one article ” Can one know What is good for the People?“. Very relevant to all that I have been trying to do.

J.K says:

At the moment of action we are enthusiastic, impetuous, we are carried away by an idea, or by the personality and the fire of a leader.

Living and action are not separate; they are an inter-related, unitary process.

This chapter was a recording of a meeting he had with some eminent political leaders of that time. In his unbiased recording of the proceedings, he manages to clearly bring out the personalities of these leaders. All of them are, I deduct, Gandhians. That is why the reference to the leader. Find your own way is the essential idea of this chapter.

Feeling good and even enlightened! Now JK is my guru?? But isn’t this also “falling into the trap”?


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