Alex in Mesozoica – 4

As Alex tried(rather unsuccessfully) to turn his back on the Tyrannosaur, he heard a sound. He listened carefully. There it was again! It sounded like…well….a roar..? But it was no “living” roar. It was the roar of a waterfall! Alex was just about to run in the direction of the waterfall, when he remembered the rex. It was looking straight at him! Alex again tried not to move. But the rex seemed to understand what he was doing. But how? Alex’s eyes darted toward the ground. He was about a centimetre from the place where the rex had saw him, lying on the ground! But could the rex compare centimetres?
The Tyrannosaurus roared in response. Alex stood up and ran. The rex was only an inch from him, when it suddenly roared in agony. Alex couldn’t help stopping to look around. The rex had gotten trapped in quicksand! It roared and struggled, but the more it struggled, the more it sank. Alex turned around. Should he help it? Or should he leave it to die? The rex roared once more. The sand was upto its neck now. Alex was just going to throw a vine or something at it(to help it), when he saw something that made his heart fail. There were seven Velociraptors, all growling and yipping. Alex instinctively ran closer to the rex. The latter was almost comepletely buried! Alex decided: if he saved the rex, it might chase away the raptors before eating him. When it was fighting the raptors, Alex would run away!
He ran to the rex and moved a powerful rock close to it. The rex grabbed the rock with its teeth. It was pulling itself out!
The raptors seemed to get fiercer. They all pounced at Alex, but the latter sidestepped them. They(the raptors)landed on the rex with all their claws out. The Tyrannosaur was completely free from the quicksand! It roared and bit a raptoro. It screamed before falling motionless. As the other raptors attacked the rex, who had, apparentely, killed their team-mate, Alex ran toward a small lake near the waterfall. He dived.
Just as his bdy fell into the water, he remembered something he had seen in a documentary(called Sea Monsters).
“Whatever you do, never get into the water………..”!
And Alex saw cold, dark eyes staring at him.

Alex wasn’t sure what kind of sea creature the thing was, but he was more concerned with swimming he splashed around in the water, the creature chomped down on his foot. Alex dodged the long jaws just in time, but not before its teeth grazed his foot. Shrieking in pain, Alex reached the shore and ran up the beach. The sea-creature stuck its head out of the water. Alex identified it as a mosasaur, a giant sea reptile that looked a lot like a water lizard. The mosasaur was now going back to the deep waters. It seemed to be hunting something, and Alex saw its victim:an Archelon. Archelon was a giant sea turtle related to leatherback turtles. It was as big as a playground, and quite heavy. Then he saw something in the water again. The mosasaur! It roared and began to swim toward Alex. Luckily, it was after the Archelon. Alex had no choice. If he didn’t swim away, the mosasaur would eat him up. And Alex plunged into the sea.

Next part coming soon!


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