Perumal Puranam

I have been planning for sometime that I should take some boys from the Thulir School during one of my micro hydro visits. It finally materialised this month. Two boys, Perumal and Elumalai accompanied me to Bawanipatna and Muniguda sites in Orissa. Perumal being 21 years old should not be called a boy anymore 🙂

During the long train journey – 24 hours from Bangalore to Kesinga, they barely showed their excitement; Elumalai had never been on a train before. Perumal tried to read the station names. And mostly they were listening to the songs from their mobile phones. Did I say they listened to songs? NO. They made the entire train listen to these songs ! so loud. . .!

At site, Perumal was quite observant and took a lot of interest. When the villagers were trying to open a pipe joint, it was very very difficult to remove the last bolt and nut. Perumal came up with a solution and it worked! And inside the powerhouse, he was exploring the electronic controller connections. When the ELC had some problem – it did not start the first time because of some moisture – he was all willing to rip it open! I had to stop him and think about the next correct course of action. Then we decided to open a contactor in the box. Again Perumal who may have never seen a contactor like this, figured out how to open it up! Once we opened and fixed it back, the ELC started working.

And then it was ‘testing’ times! We had to test the connections at the village households as there were some short circuits and other problems. Perumal figured out a lot here about the connections and was able to pinpoint the faults almost immediately. This man Perumal has quite some potential to become a good engineer! Maybe he is already one!

Well, well, but you see Curiosity also kills the cat, doesn’t it? In his eagerness to know things, Perumal managed to lock my SIM card for a few days ( had to call Bangalore exchange to do the unlocking!) and broke an electrical control switch box.

Then they became a bit homesick. They started counting the days after the fifth day of the visit! I hope they would be spinning of many stories now to their fellow students at Thulir.


One response to “Perumal Puranam

  1. hi

    Nice write up and pictures. Thanks for giving these guys the opportunity to travel and learn from you. They are quite charged after the trip and have been telling us stories.

    Not all is bad on the cell phone front. They brought back amazing pictures and videos that they shot with cell phones which they shared with all here in Thulir.

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