Beware of Dogs

Arun, Arjun and myself were on our morning walk. I tried to make Arjun read ( parental pressure 😦 ) some name boards in front of the houses. We saw this board “beware of dogs¨. Arjun was able to read ( me happy!)but couldnt understand. So I explained to him ( dont ask me what). He thought for breif while and said ït is not a good idea¨. I asked why. He said if a thief saw it, then he will come prepared. So it should be kept a secret. I then asked what to do when a friend comes. He replied”we know when our friends come, that time we keep the board¨. I tend to agree with him. . . . .


4 responses to “Beware of Dogs

  1. Like all wise young men, my elder one clarified when he was about 10 that watchmen just watch and catchmen are the ones who catch a thief.


  3. Sudhanshu mohanty

    Very original thinking for Arun’s age. Keep it up Arun for there’s only one Arun and that’s you!

  4. good thought.we expect more from arun and arjun.
    subashini enjoyed arjuns paintings.

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