Alex in Mesozoica-3

Notice: When Alex had been watching a dinosaur documentary on TV, there was a bit of magic in the TV, and he had fallen into it. But from what Alex recollected in his mind, he had been switching channels now and then, from the dinosaur documentary, to Jurassic Park. He was probably in a mixture of both!!

“Whew!!” Alex said in relief. He was up in the tree again. Just a few minutes ago, he had scared away a pack of raptors (Deinonychus, to be exact). One thing, however, surprised him: how had the raptors been so easily tricked? The ‘stand-still-technique’ that he had used was supposed to work on a Tyrannosaurus only!!

Alex shook his head and climbed down the tree. Just then, he felt something tickling him. He looked down and saw a small Compsognathus nibbling his sneakers. “Shoo!” he was about to yell. Then he felt something. What could it be? The ground shook tremendously. Alex trembled. And then, out of the trees, a huge “Roar!!” was heard. Alex started to run as fast as he could, but he tripped on a tree root and fell, headfirst, in the mud. The ground shook even more, and out of the trees emerged a huge male Tyrannosaurus Rex!! It growled at the sight of Alex. “Roar!” it roared, showing all of its big teeth.

Alex lay on the ground, trying not to move or make a noise. The rex stared at him for what seemed like a decade. Then, finally, it turned and walked away, pushing aside a huge gingko tree in its way. Alex sighed in relief. This was the worst he had experienced, but, probably, not the worst to come. Suddenly, the ground began to shake. Alex trembled. Why did the rex have to come back? Alex thought.

It was the rex, but not the rex only. There was also a huge herd of Gallimimus, ostrich- like dinosaurs. They were practically freaking out! The rex grabbed a Gallimimus and it squealed with pain. Alex climbed up the highest tree he could find and shut his eyes as it chomped down. The rex really was a tyrant!

(continued in Part-4)


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