Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix – The Fiasco at the Ministry

( in the rhyme of Yankee doodle)

Harry potter went to London
Riding on a Thestral,
He fell into the Ministry
And almost broke half of his knee.
They went looking for Sirius Black
Then they fell in a big grey sack.
(They had gone after looking at a very very mysterious track!)

And then they suddenly appeared
The ones who were fully feared
They raised their wands
and clenched their hands
The evil, most feared DEATH EATERS!!

Then one opened his hood
his face was like white food
his eyes were not like a bad-guy-toy
for, he was Lucius Malfoy!

He said “give me the Prophecy”
Harry thought he fell off a tree
And HP said “Oh dear me me,
Whatever is a Prophecy?!”

Suddenly the Phoenix guys
came glowing like fireflies
All of the Death Eaters yelled
(though none dropped the wands they held.)

And there was Lord Voldemort
(Harry thought he was made of snot)
The Dumbledore’s Army stood there frightened
The Death Eaters’ fear slightened
they bowed and said “Hello Master”
Harry’s heart beat faster
A Death Eater killed Sirius
Harry was very furious
He gave a cough
The Death Eater gave a laugh
Then Voldemort cried “AVADA KEDAVRA !!”
Instead of dying
Harry was flying
for a statue had protected him
and it was now shattering.
“W H Y ??!!” —– (imagine HP music here)

Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore
was standing at the Golden Gates
Chasing away the evil fates
He and Mr.Voldemort
Exchanged many a powerful shot
Nobody was ruling
The two were equally dueling
Finally Minister Fudge and all of his Ministry
arrived and at last Voldemort
had to very quickly flee !


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