Alex in Mesozoica-2

Alex crouched in the grass, trying not to move (You may have thought he was intelligent to get such an idea, but actually, he was copying Dr Alan Grant in “Jurassic Park”!). The Deinonychus towered over him, looking for any movement. It hadn’t seen him! Suddenly, an ancient fly buzzed near Alex’s nose. The fly was then inhaled by Alex by mistake! “AHH…AHHH…..AHHH—CHOO!”he sneezed. “ Roar? The Deinonychus growled in surprise. “Roar…Ploop! Drang.. Groopeddd..Phloap!” it called. Alex turned around and fled. The Deinonychus ran after him, still making its weird sounds. He ran and ran and ran and the Deinonychus ran after him! Finally, Alex climbed up a tall tree and stayed there, trembling. When he looked down, he saw at least three Deinonychus, growling and snapping their jaws. I can’t go down now, Alex realized. If I do, I will get torn apart by these raptors. (“Deinonychus” is a long name, so I will call it/ them as “raptor” from now. I will also call every member of the raptor family as raptors) It became dark, and Alex went to sleep in the tree.

It was morning. The raptors were asleep under the tree. Alex waited and waited, but they did not leave. Finally, he thought of a trick. He looked in his pockets and found a catapult, some stones, a camera, and a mirror. He took the catapult and shot a stone at one of the raptors. “Roo!? Graaah! Aaaarghhh!” it roared, waking all the other raptors. All of the raptors looked up and growled. Alex grinned. His plan was working! He raised the mirror and showed it to the raptors. The raptors, on seeing it, thought that there were other raptors trapped in the strange glass item (the mirror)! They hissed and barked and growled at the mirror, but whatever they did, the raptors in the mirror did too! Finally, Alex kept the mirror in his pocket and took out the camera. In it, he had taken a video of a Tyrannosaurus Rex roaring. He had pirated it from a dinosaur movie for fun. When he played the video in front of the raptors, they fled, yowling and howling. Alex leapt down the tree and ran after the raptors with the video set to REPEAT. The poor creatures ran and ran until Alex left them alone, and that was only because the video had become unclear. He decided that the only option he had was to explore the land of Mesozoica . And so, he set out.

(continued in part- 3.)


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