Alex in Mesozoica-1

Once there was a boy named Alex. He had three brothers and they were Tummer, John, and Carper(their parents both went for work). Alex lived with his parents and older brothers in Florida. But he was very, very bored of his life. He spent hours in his school library. He loved books, and his favorite topic was prehistory.

One day, Alex was watching a movie called ¨Mesozoic Animals¨ at home, when suddenly, he felt himself being pulled into the TV!You may ask, ¨how did this happen?¨. The answer is that, in the TV-controlling-office, the man who did the program setting, had asked for leave after telling another man to control. And the second man was a wizard. And, by mistake, he had poured his magic ¨Pulling Potion¨ into Alex´s TV connection!Now, Alex fell into the movie!¨Aaaaah!¨ he shouted.Then THUMP! He landed on solid ground! ¨Ooh! Where am I?¨ he said.(He didn´t know that he fell into the TV;he forgot.)  Then Alex stood up and looked around him. And there,crouching behind him, was a Deinonychus.

(continued in part-2)


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